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04 August 2010 @ 10:35 pm
my fail, let me show you it  
I haven't heard anything back from the castielfest Mod's about my situation so I'm gonna go ahead and assume that I'm not going to hear anything before the end of positing and that this year's Cas Fest is a flop for me.

It's entirely my fault too. My laptop exploded and took all my work, including several WIPs and one shots, with it. I was almost finished with it and was poised to send it off to the BETA tonight for a quick crunch and post it before the cut off date. Apparently that's not going to happen.

I want to apologize to everyone over at castielfest for this failing. And, I would make specific apologies to my intended recipient but, unfortunately, I'm a goldfish and the name escapes me - I listed it at the top of my fic and just started writing, figuring I'd have plenty of time memorizing it after I finished the fic itself and typed up my acknowledgments and notes. D: